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I am a wife and a mom, a Foreign Service Officer (U.S. Diplomat), an author, and a little bit of everything else (from wanna be yogi to fitness competitor to DIYer).  My day job is either with my kids or promoting U.S. foreign policy.  I am not sure which requires more patience and creativity.   I recently finished my first young adult novel.  Join me as I go from submitting my query letters to agents, to working with an agent (or not) to find a publisher, to publishing and marketing my first novel.

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The Writer’s Corner

I am in no way an expert. I am trudging through this new literary world just like you!
Here are sites and other resources I have found helpful.
There are three (four if you want to start marketing yourself on social media) things you should do now:
Write, Seek Help, and Read.


I have the app Scrivener!  I love it. But it is the only writing app I have ever used and I have a MacBook Air without the Microsoft package.  So take that with a grain…

Everyone always says write so many hours a week and set goals. Someone told me, “Even if you can’t think of anything, set a timer and sit at your desk.”  Blah Blah blah.  If you have the luxury of needing to set your watch to write then bravo!  Me, I create pockets of writing time whenever I can.  I carry my MacBook Air with me all the time (always backing up my work on a Cloud) or I find myself “scribbling” notes on my phone or on my lil notebook.  I can’t seem to find enough time to write even with an awesome husband!

Seek Help

I highly recommend critique groups and surrounding yourself with writers!  I am a member of a YA and NA critique group and another that includes writers from every genre. I am a member of the Maryland Writers Association and SCBWI.  Both of them have critique groups and conferences!  

Great blogs for finding agents and other info:


In addition to writing and researching, don’t forget to read! Read great books and all books in your genre!  Read what’s new, what’s old, and everything in between.  If you have MFA in writing then you can probably just skip this advice (but not according to Stephen King)… I’ve found reading how other people do their transitions, or tell flashbacks, or show internal dialogue is extremely helpful! It’s not about plagiarizing; really it is about knowing what’s out there.

You can check out my GoodReads page to see what I am reading!

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